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10 September 2014

Black Wednesday: The day the economic case for separation crumbled

Dads Army Today is the day the economic case for separation crumbled and reality that independence will cost Scottish jobs, investment, and growth dawned. Today is Alex Salmond's Black Wednesday.

On Monday, the risk of a Yes vote caused £2.6 billion to be wiped off the value of big Scottish employers - that's over £400 of imaginary money for every man, woman and child in Scotland. Have you paid yours?

*\*Update 3/10/2019 - ** There has been 30,000 jobs lost in Scotland attributed to Brexit, which has yet to actually happen.

And then today…

Standard life

Number of Scottish Jobs: 5,000

Standard Life says it may partly relocate to London if Scotland votes for independence.

*\*Update 3/10/2019 - ** Standard life actually partly relocated to Ireland due to Scotland having to leave the EU

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